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Our service is limited to the home-bound, regardless of age, lacking the capability to obtain a hot meal on a daily basis. An in-home interview with all potential clients is conducted and an evaluation is made to determine whether our program is suitable for filling their needs. Not every person interviewed is accepted into the program. Service is available either temporarily (during recovery from surgery or illness) or long term, if conditions merit.

Well-prepared, nutritious meals are purchased from Methodist St. John’s Hospital in Nassau Bay. Meals are packaged in heat-retaining containers for delivery by our volunteers. In addition to hot meals, a separately prepared sack lunch is available if appropriate. The sack lunch consists of sandwich and fruit. Special dietary requirements can often be met (e.g. diabetic, mechanical soft). Meals are delivered between 11 AM and 12:30 PM, Monday through Friday, year-round, including all holidays not falling on Saturday or Sunday.

Bay Area Meals on Wheels has served approximately 17,000 hot meals and over 6,000 sack lunches to an average of about 66 clients per day during the year. Our volunteers number around 180: 80 weekly drivers, 10 meal coordinators, and 100 substitutes. Drivers are often the only people who check on the clients during daily meal deliveries. There have been occasions when our drivers have found clients in need of immediate medical attention.

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